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  1. Good Evening,
    i pre-ordered your CD “The flood”, but I accidently choose the wrong address at paypal.
    So instead of :

    Hernalser Hauptstraße 217, 1170 Vienna

    plz send it to

    Linzerstraße 126/30
    1140 Vienna

    I am very curious for the CD, because I am also priestess of an sumerian-wicca-tradition. I guess your music will fit very well into our programm.

    Thank you very much and have a nice evening,

    Sina Anna Woeginger

    • Thanks Sina! We’ve amended the address details. Our first batch sold out, so we’ll get the CD to you as soon as possible. I didn’t know there was a Sumerian-Wicca tradition. Amazing! I do hope you enjoy the music. 🙂


    • Thanks Charlie! Soon I hope. 🙂 We’ll be doing a London album launch in the new year. I’ll pop you on the mailing list to let you know when the gigs are finalized. Thanks again!
      x Stef

  2. Would you consider selling us your album at a wholesale price to resell in our gift shop? We are a museum gift shop of the Oriental Institute, Univ. of Chicago that specializes in the Ancient Near East. We offer courses in Sumerian and Akkadian.

    Denise Browning

  3. Compelling. I’ve spent 25 years exploring and immersing myself in ancient citires, their spiritual belief systems etc throughout the world. Your music hits a chord, a mysterious chord deep within my being.

  4. I am really enjoying this music! What intonation/tuning system did you use? Do historians have a good idea of what tuning system the ancient Babylonians and Sumerians used?

  5. Hi Stef,

    I’ve been listening to my copy of The Flood for a few weeks now and it gets better each time. I’m so glad you guys embarked on this project and can only imagine how much time and effort has gone in to the album. Are you considering producing further songs?

    Thought you may also be interested in an art piece a friend and I created a while ago on the Epic of Creation:


  6. Hello, I have been listening to some of your music on soundcloud lately and I find it absolutely amazing and unique.

    I would like to get the full copies of The Flood and Hord Songs, but I wasn’t sure on how to order them both together since they seem to be on different webpages? Is it possible to have them shipped together or do I need to order them separately?

    Again, simply wonderful work, I can’t wait to hear the full albums.

    • Hiya! Please forgive the very slow response to this lovely message. I’m terribly un-technical and thought I’d sent you an email, but it hadn’t gone to the right place… That’s a good idea – I’ll do as you suggest today! 🙂 xx S

  7. Hi Mz Conner,

    I just want to say I really loved your album The Flood. I just discovered it, so i’m late to the party. It’s my first entry to your music and I find it truly mesmerising and enchanting. Your concept, of revitalising ancient songs, and your treatment of it, is fascinating and awesome. I especially loved, Ishtar’s Descent, your vocals are chilling. So thank you so much for taking on what must have been a gargantuan project, and sharing these ancient songs with us, and for sharing this gorgeous music.
    I just wondered if you guys have published the lyrics and/or original texts/translations of the songs anywhere, I couldn’t find anywhere to download or view them?

    Thanks so much, and I look forward to discovering more of your music, and all the luck for your future work!


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