The Pierrot Studio

Front page image: Sarah Naim

Stef’s newest composition ‘Face Painting’ will be premiered by the Dr K Sextet this February, as part of The Pierrot Projecta new exhibition of simultaneously visual and aural installations by pairs of contemporary artists and composers, drawing inspiration from Arnold Shoenberg’s seminal composition, ‘Pierrot Lunaire’.

Curated by Niamh White, the three composer-artist collaborations will be presented during an exhibition at The Display Gallery from 5 – 17 February 2016, with an opening night concert  on Thursday 4th Feb.

Stef’s piece, conceived in collaboration with visual artist Jörg Obergfell, juxtaposes soundscapes evoking both laughter and melancholy laughter. The players will perform wearing Jörg‘s Pierrot-inspired abstract masks, which draw inspiration from both folk costumes and modernist aesthetics:

(Images: Jörg Obergfell) mask 1mask 2