Streetwise Opera

Image © Jana Chiellino 2011

Stef Conner is Composer in Residence with Streetwise Opera, an award-winning charity that uses music to help homeless people make positive changes in their lives. Her role includes participating in workshops in homeless centres around the UK, meeting the Streetwise performers and writing new music with them in mind. Her first piece for the group was Songs Paint Worlds, a narrative-driven game-song, in Modern and Old English, which tells a fable-like story, filled of fantastical imagery from the imaginations of the Streetwise performers. It has been performed at local showcases in Manchester and Middlesbrough and more performances follow. You can read Stef’s blog on the piece here: . As well as regular workshops and local shows, Streetwise Opera put on annual large-scale opera productions, which always include newly commissioned works by some of the country’s most exciting composers, including Orlando Gough, Anna Meredith and Mira Calix. Stef’s next composition for the group – which will premiere in summer 2015 – will be part of the current production, the ‘Little Opera’ series.