Synge Nouwell

Timeline Songs

Track List

1. Qui Creavit Coelum – Anon., 15th century
2. Edi Beo Thu Hevene Quene – Anon., 13th century
3. Ther is no Rose of Swych Vertu – Anon, 15th century
4. Sainte Nicholaes – St. Godric of Finchale, 12th century
5. Synge Nouwell – Stef Conner, 2012; text in Middle English, Latin and Anglo Norman
6. Lullay Lullow – Anon., 15th century
7. This Endris Night – Stef Conner, 2012; text in Middle English
8. Als I Lay on Yoolis Night – Anon, 14th century
9. Angelus ad Virginem – Anon, 14th century
10. Dou Way Robyn – Anon, 14th century
11. Saxon Wassail – Stef Conner, 2012; text in ‘Normanized’ Old English
12. Ave Maris Stella – John Dunstaple, 15th century
13. Wynter Wakeneth – Anon., 14th century; arr. Time Ensemble
14. Worldes Blis – Anon, 13th century
15. Nay Ivy Nay – Stef Conner, 2012; text in Early Modern English

Synge Nouwell brings together some of the most ancient English yuletide music with Stef Conner’s new settings of medieval Christmas poems, including medieval carols, Anglo-Norman and Anglo-Saxon festive toasting songs, hymns of St. Godric of Finchale, gentle Middle English nativity lullabies and beautiful polyphony. The haunting modality of the medieval pieces on the album complements the folk-styled vocals of Leith Hill Timeline Choir and Time Ensemble, which features soloists Lisa Coates, Susannah Austin, Simon Walton and Jamie Wright. The CD was recorded and mixed by Lyre Ensemble producer and harpist, Mark Harmer, whose amazing musical sensitivity and attention to detail helped to make the Lyre Ensemble’s album The Flood a global success.

The CD comes with a booklet containing Modern English translations of the medieval texts in Latin, Middle English, Anglo-Norman and Old English.