Archive Treasures

The Unthanks

Track list

1. 2000 Miles (Christmas single 2015)
2. On A Monday Morning (Live from TFF Rudolstadt, Germany 2009; with Stef Conner)
3. I Wish, I Wish (Live from Melbourne, Australia 2008; with Stef Conner)
4. Blue Bleezin Blind Drunk (Live from Holywell Music Room 2008; with Stef Conner)
5. Close the Coalhouse Door (Live from The Tyne Theatre, Newcastle 2011)
6. Alifib/Alifie (Live from Brighton Dome 2012)
7. The Gallowgate Lad (Live from The Tyne Theatre, Newcastle 2011)
8. Felton Lonnin (BBC Radio 1 Rob Da Bank Session)
9. Tar Barrel in Dale (BBC Radio 2 Radcliffe and Maconie Session; with Stef Conner)
10. Queen of Hearts (Alt Demo 2009)
11. Sexy Sadie (Recording for Mojo Magazine’s White Album; with Stef Conner)
12. A Dream of a Tree in a Spanish Graveyard (feat. Ian McMillan from Harbour of Songs 2012)
13. Oak, Ash and Thorn (Recorded for the Peter Bellamy Oak, Ash Thorn Project)
14. The Unthank Family Band (Recorded at Hartlepool Folk Club 2000)

RRM0015 RabbleRouser Music 2015
Released on CD and Download 11/12/2015.
Distributed by Cadiz Music Ltd

In quiet, understated celebration of their 10th anniversary, The Unthanks release a 76 minute CD of rarities, exclusive live tracks, demos and outtakes.

From the sleeve notes:

If folk music is life, and for life, then ten years is nothing, right? We mean to go on, for as long as our togetherness supports and not stifles our mutual creativity. No need for best-of cash-ins or fond retrospectives just yet. This collection is more an exercise in housekeeping. The potential riches gathering dust on my studio shelves have long needed investigation and order. I’ve spent many hours in the last month listening back (not all of it was good!), to bring together a small selection of snapshots across our first 10 years. It’s a little ‘warts and all’ in places, but we hope you enjoy it for that. We’ve also tried to round up some pieces that until now have only been available on disparate sources and bring them together for you in one place. Rather than a summary of the last 10 years (whole chunks of our history are absent from it), this record is more like the missing jigsaw pieces. Its satisfying that our brief period with Stef Conner at the piano gets some documentation here, for instance. It could easily have been a double CD, so it’s not completist exactly, but certainly we can now go forward with slightly tidier studio shelves and head space to relish the next 10 years.

Adrian McNally, Oct 2015. Taken from the sleeve notes of Archive Treasures (2005-2015)