Listen/buy Title Premiere Forces/duration
Dark Inventions Square The Shipwrecked Ghost Dark Inventions, The Engine House,
Manchester, 2014
sop., fl., cl., vln., vc., perc.
Ishtar Ishtar’s Descent The Lyre Ensemble, The Iraqi Cultural Centre,
London, 2013
Voice, Pharaonic lyre, Gold Lyre of Ur
Luqiu Dust in Space Gamelan Sekar Petak, Ebor String Quartet, soloists,
York Minster, 2007
Chamber opera for Javanese gamelan, string quartet, perc., SSASSA chorus, STBB soloists
(c. 50′)
aldous_huxley Songs from the Shadows and Shade Vocal ensemble with soloists, inc. John Potter,
cond. Jon Hargreaves, SJLCH, 2006
SATB (div. a 5), solo SATB, perc.
(c. 40′)
Void Song to a Void Chimera Ensemble, SJLCH, 2005 2 sop., 2 mezzo-sop, 2 alto, a. fl., 2 perc., 2 pno.