A selection of works from past to present

The Lake Isle of Innisfree (2015)

By Stef Conner
Performers: Elspeth Piggott (sop), Ana Beard Fernandez (sop), Robin Bier (alto), Chris O’Gorman (tenor), Graham Bier (bass), William Brooks (director).
Recorded by John Hughes
Text by W. B. Yeats

The Flood (2014)

By Stef Conner and Andy Lowings
Produced by Mark Harmer
Text from the Epic of Gilgamesh (Standard Babylonian version), edited by Anne Kilmer

Is (2011)

By Stef Conner
Performers: The 24, conducted by Jonathan Brigg

Strange Little Bird (2006)

Stef Conner, voice and piano; words and music

The Lost Warriors, from Hord Songs (2012)

By Stef Conner
Performers: Lizzie Marshall (sop), Stef Conner (alto), Graham Bier (bass)
Producer: Jon Hughes
Text from the Old English poem The Wanderer

Face Painting (2016)

By Stef Conner
Performers: The Dr K Sextet
Part of the Pierrot Project by Niamh White, Ewan Campbell and Alex Wilson.

The Turmoil and the Tenderness (2012)

Music and words by Stef Conner
With: Simon Roth (drums) and Vanessa McWilliam (bass)
Producer: Jon Hughes