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People Watch

Stef is busy writing a new opera, ‘People Watch’, for the Streetwise Opera performers, which will premiere at the opening night of Tête-à-Tête Opera Festival on July 21st. “Step in to the intimate world of people watching TV, where daily lives, secrets, relationships and dreams are gently revealed. Created by […]

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The Flood: New music in Old Babylonian

‘The Flood’, the debut album by the Lyre Ensemble, is now available to buy on CD, complete with full translations, and ships anywhere in the world.  The music is also available to download on amazon. The Flood is the first full-length album of cutting-edge new music in ancient Babylonian and Sumerian languages. Accompanied […]


Born out of an unconventional collection of influences and a powerful imagination, Stef Conner’s music breathes new life into ancient texts and forges channels of empathy into the deep past. Although rooted in the classical tradition, her musical language is distorted into something utterly different through the vivid palette of sounds that have been absorbed into her style, from ancient Mesopotamian literature, Korean court music, Zhou Dynasty bronze bells, medieval chant, English folksong and Anglo-Saxon poetry to Spectralism, free improvisation, experimental music and post-tonal harmony.

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