The Flood: Out in December 2014

…Pre-order to receive a limited edition copy of the debut album by the Lyre Ensemble, a week before its release on 1st December!

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Pre-order The Flood – brand new album by the Lyre Ensemble – now, for a limited edition signed CD with annotated mini-booklet about our chosen Sumerian and Babylonian poems! £12.00 including P&P

The product of an eclectic collection of influences and a powerful imagination, Stef Conner’s music breathes new life into ancient texts and forges channels of empathy into the deep past. She is fascinated by the innate musicality of language and sees composition as a way of crystallizing the emotive power of words; inspired in particular by ancient poetry, folklore and lost oral traditions, she draws a wealth of organic, rich and original musical material from the forms of poetry and the sounds of speech.

Although rooted in the classical tradition, her musical language is distorted into something utterly different through the vivid palette of sounds that have been absorbed into her style, from ancient Korean court music, Zhou Dynasty bronze bells, medieval chant, English folksong and Anglo-Saxon poetry to Spectralism, free improvisation, experimental music and post-tonal harmony.

Her work has been performed in China, Europe, the USA and the UK, at venues including Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, York Minster, Lichfield Cathedral and the Royal Festival Hall, as well as on BBC and international Radio. Performers of her music include the Esoterics, Queen’s College Chapel Choir, the Unthanks, Juice, the Kreutzer Quartet, The Nieuw Ensemble, the Renaissance Singers, Cadenza, Dark Inventions, members of Ensemble 10/10 and the Philharmonia Orchestra. She has been awarded several prizes for her work, including the RPS Composition Prize in 2011. Read more…